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Bullion was used in an extensive series of brewing trials conducted by the Institute of Brewing from 1935 which concluded that it was ‘suitable for those purposes for which imported American hops are used’. It was released in 1938 and production rose steadily to a peak of 430 ha in 1968. It went out of UK production in 1986.

Flavour and Aroma

Zesty, spicy flavour with predominantly dark red fruit notes


Blackcurrant, spicy.

Bittering Characteristics

Clear ‘New World’ characteristics producing a zesty, spicy flavour with predominantly dark red fruit notes. It has a strong
flavour when used for dry hopping which some consider to be harsh. Often used for darker beers.

Flavour Intensity

8 /10


Bullion was bred by Prof Ernest Salmon at Wye College, Kent as a seedling under code Q43. It was raised in 1919 from seed collected as an open-pollination of wild Manitoban (Canada) BB1. It is a vigorous tall, conventional variety producing a heavy crop of large cones which pick easily. It matures early to mid season.

Hop Analysis

  • Alpha acid 5.3-9.5%
  • Beta acid 4.5-5.3%
  • Co-Humulone 47-50%
  • Total Oils 1.0-1.9%
  • Myrcene 50%
  • Selinenes <2%
  • Farnesene Trace